Thursday, April 29, 2010

Out on the Town

Short(ish) post this evening, it's getting late and I'm all tired out. We did our first actual enumerating today for the Census, and I was happy because I got to start out very close to home. Things went well! I had to stop when I ran out of forms, but I got some good work done and more importantly, people talked to me. That was my big worry, what if people wouldn't answer the Census? But so far, so good. And I'm in walking distance of both home and the training place for the moment, so though it will be a bit of a hike to get home from training and then go out enumerating while M has the car tomorrow, it will not be impossible. And he has promised that he will make sure to get the car registration renewed, too.

Tomorrow is my last day of training, and then my time will be my own. That will be good, because it means that we can get back on our normal life schedule again. That will also be not-so-good because it means I need to regulate my own time to get my work done. I want to get at least 20 hours a week of work, and hopefully more, which means a lot of weekend work, and all the evening work I can squeeze in before dark. I think we're going to have some tiring days ahead. But the money, the money! I think that once I've got my first paycheck in hand, I will have a fresh surge of energy.

M and Robert spent the day together, and did pretty well. Robert didn't sleep in the afternoon again, so he was kind of fussy. We need to get the poor kid back on his schedule. When I got home, I fed him and he fell asleep in my lap. So I took pictures of him, obviously. =) He got just an absolute ton of food today, silly baby, and processed a great deal of it just before bed, much to Daddy's chagrin. But eventually he went to bed, clean and relatively  quiet, and played with his cats for awhile before falling asleep. It was very nice and peaceful.

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  1. Rob looks like an angel in the picture. Very glad you don't have too far to go tomorrow and that people talked to you. I did send our census form back but if I hadn't I would be glad to talk to somebody who would do it for me!


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