Friday, March 19, 2010


What a crankypants morning we had! Robert thrilled me to pieces by sleeping till almost seven thirty after waking at 3 to eat, but after he woke up, oooh, it was a fractious day. The ladies at the thrift store thought it might be his tummy bothering him, since he kicked his legs a lot when he cried. It's not the craziest theory I've ever heard. Anyway, we went outside and went inside and went outside again, we walked around, we sat down, we nursed FOREVER, and nothing seemed to quite do the trick. Eventually I laid him in his crib and turned on ESPN radio for him, and he took a nap for awhile. By the time M got home, for whatever reason, the tide had turned and Robert was ready to be sweet for the rest of the day. Must be Daddy's lucky day. =)

With M home and the baby calm, I took the opportunity to make one more run to the stores for the week. I don't usually shop this often, by the way, but sometimes the stars align and a lot of stores run a bunch of good sales at once. Between that and some gift cards stretching my monthly budget, it has been a very good week! Today I hit up Meijer again to snag their 11 for $10 one more time, Kroger to double-dip on their Buy 8, get $4 off deal, and then Walgreens for free snacks. I won't go into exhaustive detail like yesterday, but suffice it to say that I got 107 dollars worth of stuff for 28 dollars, and since seven of that was gift card, 21 dollars of our actual money. And I will point out that half of that amount (and I had a trunkful of groceries, mind you) was a ten dollar bottle of gripe water that someone recommended to help ease the tummy pain in a gassy baby.

This is not going to be our best weekend, M is going to be super busy with everything he still needs to do, so it'll be sort of like a weekday around here, but that's okay. Robert and I have a lot to do, too! This time next week, we'll be up in Illinois and seeing everyone! I'm so excited, I can hardly wait!

Oh, and during Robert's nap today, I rearranged my closet storage to make it easier to keep track of my couponed non-food loot. Here is a picture of all I have!

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  1. What a stash! Your hard work is paying off..It is good Robert cooperated.


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