Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sleepy Saturday

It was a nice quiet day around here, Robert and I hung out around the apartment and did stuff while M went to the archive again. I did four loads of regular laundry and two Dryel loads, so now we have all the clothes we'll need to pack for our trip. Robert was mostly not interested in being left behind while I went to the laundry room, so I popped the Boppy on a dryer and set him in that so he could watch me while I was working. I meant to take a picture, but then I forgot. I was really pleased about the Dryel, it was a new kit that I couponed when Mom came to visit me, and it worked very well. Some of those things had been in the dry cleaning bag since before I knew I was pregnant! Robert was very good today, and I took and posted a new video of him to show off. You can see it here!

Still using up the pulled pork from earlier in the week! We made a big push on it today, having sandwiches for lunch, then making Mexican rice with most of the rest of it this evening. Mexican rice is a dish I sort of cobbled together, it's whatever rice you have (brown Minute Rice tonight), cooked in the rice cooker with taco seasoning, whatever meat you have (pork tonight), cooked in a skillet with the rest of the taco seasoning, then salsa, sour cream, and whatever yellow cheese you have (Mexican four-cheese blend tonight, I got it for 50 cents!), all mixed up in the skillet and cooked till hot. It's exceedingly cheap and very popular. I like it better with ground turkey, though. Since I got great deals this week on ground turkey and taco seasoning, it will be showing up on the menu quite a bit in the next month, I imagine.

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