Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!

As you may have guessed from the title of my post, today was a day for shopping. M spent all day at the historical archive, so Robert and I painted the town red. We started out at the Optimist Club meeting, where a candidate for judge executive was giving a speech. They were broadcasting it on public access television, so I had to try and keep Robert quiet through the whole thing. Thank God I brought a bottle. He got mentioned in the speech as the future of Kenton County though, which was kinda funny. I decided not to mention that we're bailing on this county as soon as possible unless I can get a job. After that, we went to Knitwits and socialized for awhile, but Robert was kinda fussy and it annoyed one of the owners, so we bailed and went shopping.

Robert likes shopping, so long as the cart is moving. We went to Target and played "How much can we make this gift card worth?" We got a lovely gift card in the mail yesterday as a present, and it was very timely because I had many coupons for Target. We went out and bought 54 dollars worth of stuff, spent 24 dollars on the gift card, and got back 10 dollars in new gift cards! It was awesome! We got cereal, and some baby soap, and diapers, body wash and some razors, and a pair of bunny ears that you will see in a picture soon.

Since Robert was still in a good mood and the weather was lovely, we went to Walmart too, with another handful of coupons. This was mostly a freebie trip. We got four free taco seasonings, three free packs of Kotex, another free baby soap, a free box of something called "Tuna Snacks," that despite its name is not for Victoria, and six cans of tomato paste for a quarter apiece. Ended up spending 1.73 there. Noted that Walmart has an unusually low changing table in the washroom, but any port in a storm!

After we picked M up and came home, I thought shopping was done for the day. But while I was feeding Robert, I read on one of my blogs about a supermegafantastic deal on diapers at K-Mart, so I had to run out there as soon as he was done. I got four jumbo packs of Huggies (and two bottles of nail polish, to make the deal work) for 13 dollars, plus I got six dollars in K-Marts rewards. So basically seven dollars for all that, or roughly four cents per diaper. So pleased! The reward for my thrifty virtue was that by the time I got home, Robert was asleep in bed, and we've got quiet peace in the house. Ahhh. =)

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