Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shopping and Many Errands

We had a very busy day today. Robert woke up early, around 6:30, but poor M was a trooper and got up with him to let me sleep. Love! I got up a little later and we gave the baby a bath. He was so dirty. M had a paper to turn in at the university, so we all drove up there just before ten, and Robert and I got gas while M printed off his paper and turned it in. Then we all went out to Cincinnati Children's Hospital with four freezer bags full of bags of expressed milk. I think it was about a gallon and a half. I froze about six ounces every day from the time Robert was five days old until just recently when he became fully acclimated to nursing. Our freezer was chock-full of the stuff, so I got in touch with the Ohio Mother's Milk Bank to talk about donating some. Donated milk is very important in helping preemies and sick babies whose mothers can't produce milk for them, because it's so much healthier than formula. I gave the milk to the lactation consultant, then got a little blood taken for tests, just so they can make sure I'm healthy and disease free.

We left Cincinnati, went to FedEx to drop off the package of tests, and then stopped by Taco Bell for a very cheap lunch on the run. Naughty, I know, but we were starving. =) Had a very interesting experience with Cinnamon Twists that someone had forgotten to put cinnamon and sugar on. Weird! We stopped at home just long enough to feed the baby, then took M to his other school to teach, and Robert and I went to the car dealership. We said hello to the guy whose trash can I threw up in last summer (only morning sickness I ever had!). He was amused to see me again, and the baby. Our airbag got fixed (it had been recalled), and then we went to Motherhood Express.

Motherhood Express is a cool store, it's all stuff for breastfeeding, plus they have a lactation consultant on staff, and they let women come in and just feed their babies there if they're out running around. I did a weighed feeding with Robert, to see if he might be fussy because he's not getting enough to eat. In 25 minutes he scarfed down four and a half ounces of milk, according to their clever scale, so that's definitely not it! We went back to school to pick up M, and stopped in to say hello to his colleagues as well. Our last big errand of the day was at Meijer. We went to the one in Cold Springs after I had a nasty experience last week with the one in Florence. Some cashiers are just ecch! Anyway, we got 24 boxes of Hamburger and Tuna and Chicken Helper for sixty cents apiece, four packages each of free Bagel Bites and Chex Mix, six rolls of ground turkey at a dollar apiece, some frozen veggies, and splurged on Thin Mint ice cream that was on sale for 2.50 a quart. Soooo delicious. =) We ended up with 75 dollars worth of stuff for 26 dollars.

After all this traveling, Robert basically cried all evening, which wasn't very fun. We took him outside and sat with him on the grass, which distracted him for a little while, and passed him back and forth between us to try and soothe. Eventually I took him back in the bathtub, which calmed him down. We put him into bed at eight-thirty and he went out like a light. Whew! And thank God for the pulled pork, because neither of us wanted to cook anything after the long day.

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