Saturday, March 27, 2010

Party Time!

What a busy day today! We had an open house this morning for everyone to meet Robert. My two cousins came and brought their babies as well, so it was an adorable baby party. This was the first time I got to meet Robert's second cousins, and it was so much fun. Family and friends came over, food was had, and a million pictures were taken. Robert was a little bit overwhelmed, but he did well. Everybody commented on how alert he is, and how adorable, of course. Our friends and family are very astute. Here is Robert with his little cousin Luke and his big cousin Lilly.

This evening we're going over to my aunt's house for an early Easter dinner, and to meet the other new cousins. It'll be a five baby day, and very fun. Right now, Robert is getting a little rest in the swing, waiting for it to be time to go see the rest of the family. We picked up a Mylar balloon yesterday for the open house, and he loves it. We've set it by the swing so his foot hits it and moves it, and that is very interesting to him. His other favorite activity currently is sucking on Aunt Allie's arm. That makes him very happy.

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