Monday, March 22, 2010

Laughing With Baby

Today was another quiet day at home for Robert and I, putting together a couple of potential coupon deals for before we leave, but otherwise not doing too much. Robert didn't want to spend too much time on his own today, so I didn't have time for much more housework than dumping trash and washing dishes. Gonna have do so quite a bit more before we're ready to go! He slept like an angel last night, though, sleeping from eight-thirty to four, and then again till after eight! That was very nice, we all have been getting some good sleep. I just hope that the trip doesn't throw him off too badly.

Robert alternated today between extremely smiley and extremely fussy. I think he's learning to laugh, or at least does something that sounds quite a bit like laughing when he's smiling already. We spent time singing songs today, and getting Robert's nose, and tickling Robert's tummy. I think he's realized that if I lay him down in his crib to try and settle him down for a nap, he can give me his big smile and I will laugh and pick him up again. Little operator. ;-)

He got fussy again in the evening, and eventually I took him in the bathtub again. He really likes the bath. He's slippery, and I've dunked him a time or two, but he doesn't even cry, just sputters and blinks and sneezes a couple of times. The bath really calms him down, and right afterwards he fell asleep while nursing and I put him to bed with no trouble.

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