Thursday, March 5, 2009

March 4, the food

It has come to my attention that I have been ignoring my English muffins. English muffins must go on the menu for breakfast! This weekend is scrambled eggs for breakfast, perhaps I'll break out the English muffins and these leftover hot dogs and do hotdog mcmuffins. That was pretty good last time. It does remind me, though, that I need more A-1 sauce. I got addicted to A-1 on eggs during my misspent college days, and now the two are not the same apart. It's my biggest gripe against Waffle House, honestly. 

Anyway, for lunch yesterday M had about half of the rest of the chili. He reports that overnight refrigeration thickened it up and made it even better, so that's good to know. The other half is lunch for today, so that made things easier. I had turkey sandwiches for lunch, trying to eat up the open packet of turkey before it goes off, especially since they're getting bumped off the menu in favor of leftovers fairly often.
For dinner last night we had pulled pork, a project I started on early in the afternoon. I found a great recipe here: Southern Pulled Pork , and simply adjusted it for a five pound roast. I trimmed the fat off, chunked up the meat, browned it, put it in the cooker, and put the broth of onions, garlic and pork-flavored water over top, garnished with liquid smoke, and let it all cook till 8:30. (I would've started earlier, but after being up all night trying to fix my computer, I was running late on everything yesterday.) To eat this kind of pulled pork, you pull up a spoonful, drain it off, slap it on a bun, and squirt it with your favorite barbecue sauce. I use Sweet Baby Rays, which is my favorite and was 99 cents a bottle this week. Perfect! 

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