Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, the food

There was not a great deal of excitement today on the food front, certainly nothing like yesterday's great effort. M refused to take split pea soup for lunch today and instead took a microwave meal, which generated some controversy. This means there is a lot of soup to freeze, but I'm not exactly happy that he rejected perishable food in favor of something that will theoretically last about fifty years if kept in a cool dark place. At home this evening he preferred a snack of plain white bread to the soup, still waiting for him in a tupperware, so I'm going to assume that he doesn't like the soup and isn't willing to admit it. More for me, I guess. 

Supper tonight was a box of Simply Asian Spicy Szechwan noodles with chicken. At this point in the cooking cycle I'm getting low on fresh veggies, so I didn't add anything but the chicken. It was tasty, but I was disappointed at the lack of promised "spicy." I didn't add my mushrooms because M doesn't like them, but later on I went back and cooked them with a little oil, a little teriyaki sauce, some soy sauce and minced garlic. They were extremely tasty. 

With the end of the month coming up, I'm making up new menus and grocery lists. I have quite a bit of stuff on hand, so I'm going to try and spend less than last month, using up things that I've already got. Pork shoulder is on sale again for 99 cents a pound, so I'm definitely going to make another batch of pulled pork. It was wonderful last time. I also have several recipes, like tomato soup lasagna and tangy tomato chicken that will let me use some of my tomato soup bonanza. Saturday will be shopping day, before all this week's sales turn over. 

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