Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, the food

Today was a bit of an improvisational day, for all we stayed within the general idea of the food plan. M and I both had our breakfast cereal, though not till evening, what with snack fruit available and convenient in the morning. M had his pot roast leftovers for lunch today instead of PBJ, and I finally got around to mashing that half-rutabaga and eating it with leftover gravy. It was okay, though I wouldn't buy a rutabaga just to do it. Mashed potatoes and mashed cauliflower are both tastier. 

Dinner tonight was supposed to be a pasta with parmesan cheese and hot dogs, tossed with olive oil. But when I was grating cheese, I noticed that my mozzarella is starting to go moldy, so it needs to be used more quickly than I'd planned! This is no small matter, since we're talking half of a five pound block here. I decided to make a penne pasta casserole with hot dog instead, so I could use a lot of cheese, and maybe have leftovers to boot. All my jarred spaghetti sauce is already on the menu for later in the week, but I found a can of tomato paste and a packet of spaghetti sauce seasoning in the back of the cupboard. Perfect! I cooked up a sauce with that, added a half cup of chopped onion, four diced hot dogs, and some extra italian seasoning. I undercooked half a box of penne and grated about two cups of mozza. Ordinarily I wouldn't use so much, but it's better to eat it than to let it go to waste. I mixed the pasta and sauce in my baking pan, put the sauce over top, and cooked it at 350 for half an hour. My parmesan cheese is even older than the mozza, and though it certainly keeps better, I decided to use some of that too, tossing it on in the last five minutes. It was a good decision. 

The casserole turned out delicious, and the hot dogs were surprisingly really tasty in the recipe. There's enough left for M's lunch tomorrow as well. Later on, I sliced up a potato and tried potato chips again. Not totally crispy yet, but much closer this time. I think next time I will have it, and the oil is still good for another use. 

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