Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday, February 16, the food

Like I said, today was shopping day. I also didn't get the plan for this week run off and stuck to the fridge till afternoon, so we were adrift in the morning. M polished off the old cereal before school, and took a microwave meal with him for lunch. We get a certain number of those each month in the mail from M's mom, who likes to make sure we're getting enough to eat. They're handy at times like this, or when I was sick last week and the plan went to hell. I had instant iced tea for breakfast, not the tube variety, but I wasn't hungry until lunchtime, when I ate a microwave meal as well.

When M came home from school, he was ravenous, so he polished off the pulled pork from this weekend. I found an awesome recipe for pulled pork, just when I happened to have a five pound pork roast in the freezer that I bought at Kroger for 99 cents a pound. We had a guest over this weekend, but even with the three of us eating it for two meals (and the guys really ate it!), there was still enough for M to have two sandwiches today, and for me to have used some in pork fried rice on Sunday night. I reserved the water from the pulled pork, refrigerated it, scraped away the fat, and used it in the rice cooker instead of plain water. So much extra flavor! During the day, we both ate some of our chips. Each of us get our own bag, because we are not good sharers of snacks.

Anyway, the sandwiches held him while I went out shopping, and when I came back I made granola, which turned out yummy and will be a good snack this week, and then a big pot of spaghetti with meat sauce. That took one box of spaghetti, one pound of ground turkey, about half a pound of mozzarella (I bought a 5lb block from Sam's at the start of the month), and two jars of spaghetti sauce. It will be lunch tomorrow as well, and possibly a snack on Wednesday. We both had bottles of tea with dinner, and I've snacked on a little granola as well. 

Tomorrow is our special Valentine's Day supper, delayed because of my flu, but hotly anticipated. There will be baking!

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